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Best Air Purifiers In India

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Need Of A Best Air Purifier In India For Home Use

Are you looking for Best Air Purifier In India ??.Then certainly we will guide you towards every step of yours to choose the best. Air purifier is a health product and one should be careful while making a choice. Rapid industrialization, lack of civic sense, apathy of government, non implementation of court orders may be few among many reasons which has led to continues deterioration of air quality in India. Generally air quality plummets before onset of winter and remains so for few months. Delhi gives an impression of gas chamber during this time and this leads to nearly choking of Delhiites. Delhi may be worst but other metros are not far behind. So self help is the best help and we can keep ourselves safe by using best available air purifiers in market. Listed in the blog are 9 Best Air purifiers in India with Price for you to choose from.

9 Best Air Purifiers In India For Home Use-2021.

Sharp FP-F40E-W
Sharp Air Purifier for Homes & Offices | Dual Purification - ACTIVE (Plasmacluster Technology) & PASSIVE FILTERS (True HEPA H14+Carbon+Pre-Filter) | Model:FP-F40E-W | White
FP-FE-40-W Air Purifier Sharp

Sharp Corporation a leading multinational from Japan established in year 1912. 11 decades in consumer electronics expertise has made them one of the most formidable brand in the market. A brand revered and respected by competitor’s in consumer electronics.

  • Sharp FP-F40E-W combines the power of dual purification which are active and passive purification.
  • Active purification includes plasma cluster, plasma cluster ions when released in air air breaks down molds and viruses and there by neutralizing them.
  • Passive purification includes three stages of purification which includes pre filter, carbon filter and H 14 grade HEPA filter.
  • Pre filter takes care of macro particles in atmosphere such as dust, dirt and pet dander.
  • Activated carbon filter takes care of Volatile organic compound, gases, foul odor from air.
  • H 14 hepa filter takes care of any particle up to 0.3 microns, and removes dust, pollen, mold bacteria, virus, allergens.
  • PM 2.5 and PM 10 are all taken care of by this high grade HEPA filter.
  • Unit covers an area of 320 square feet which I feel is good enough area.
Expert Review On Sharp FP-F40E-W air purifier.

This product from Sharp is most underrated one in the market. Sharp is only the company which uses plasma cluster technology which are quite effective in combating bacteria, viruses, molds and many more. Very few companies uses H-14 HEPA filter in their air purifier and Sharp is one among them. Unit comes with real time display of pollution through their color changing lights. Unit comes with an auto sensor which senses the pollution level in the room and accordingly adjust fan speed. Noise level of 80 decibels is on slightly higher side ideally it should have been around 45 to 50 decibels. Unit comes with a warranty of 1 year from date of purchase. Filters life of 2 years are quite good enough. Average expenditure in changing it’s HEPA filter would be around rupees 3000 to 3500/-.

Barring a few cons in it unit is one of the best air purifier in Indian market and people should definitely go for this.

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Mi Air Purifier 3
Mi Air Purifier 3 with True HEPA Filter and Smart App Connectivity
Xiaomi Air Purifier MI-3

Xiaomi is a Chinese conglomerate and incidentally it is fourth largest company in the world after Apple, Samsung, Huawei in smart phone. Other than smart phone it is into manufacturing laptops and air purifiers.

  • Mi purifier 3 from Xiaomi comes with three stages of purification.
  • Three stages of purification are pre filter, carbon filter, and a true HEPA filter.
  • Pre filter are meant to trap macro particle such as dust, dirt and hair, pet dander.
  • Activated carbon granules inside carbon filter takes care of VOC, gases, fumes from vehicle, nasty odor.
  • Mi 3 uses a true hepa filter of H13 grade which is capable of arresting PM 2.5, PM 10 and any particle till the size of 0.3 microns.
  • Dust, pollen, molds, bacteria and virus are all taken care of by this purifier.
  • It polluted air intake is from 360 degree so we can expect a better result.
  • Touch screen, laser sensor, smart app connectivity and voice command, are some of the noticeable feature.
Expert review on Xiaomi MI-3 Air Purifier.

Device MI-3 from Xiaomi comes with some of the best features available in market and yet carries a reasonable price tag. Company claims an area coverage of up to 484 square feet which is really quite impressive. Smart app connectivity gives a consumer freedom of controlling and monitoring this unit while on go. OLED screen at the front of the unit tells us about real time pollution and humidity level in the room. H-13 HEPA filter in the unit is capable of arresting minute particle of PM 2.5 and PM 10 apart from other pollutants as small as 0.3 microns. What we noticed with this purifier was that it was unable to bring down the pollution level below 50 even after 40 minutes of run.

However a reading of 50 is quite safe enough for you to breathe at. It comes with a standard warranty of 1 year like any other competitor brand. Service from the company is quite good enough. So any one planning to buy an air purifier at a reasonable this gadget can be good enough.

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Coway Professional Air Purifier AirMega 150 (AP-1019C)
Coway Professional Air Purifier, Special Green Anti-Virus True HEPA Filter (Coway AirMega 150 (AP-1019C)
AirMega 150 From Coway

Coway a Korean conglomerate specializes in home appliances and their portfolio includes water purifier, air purifier. Air purifier they make and we use are some of the best worldwide. Above all Coway has won international awards for it’s design and innovation in year-2021

  • Coway AirMega 150 air purifier is a three stage air purifier.
  • Three stages of purification include pre filter, activated carbon filter and a HEPA filter.
  • Pre filter used in the purifier captures macro particle of pollutants such as dust, dirt, pet dander and many more.
  • Activated carbon granules in the unit keeps you safe from Volatile organic compound, gases, nasty odor, vehicular exhaust fumes.
  • AirMega carries a H-13 Hepa filter which efficiently removes any micro particle up to .01 microns.
  • PM 2.5, PM 10, Bacteria, Virus area all taken care by this purifier.
  • In auto mode fan speed increases or decreases with level of pollution in the room.
Expert review of AirMega 150 from Coway.

Coway AirMega 150 professional air purifier simplistic in design and certainly very powerful. Company claims an area coverage of 300 square feet and this is certainly an encouraging factor . You will hardly hear the noise of the unit while in operation reason being noise level of the device is 49 decibels. H-13 true HEPA filter is certainly an added advantage for the unit. This device has got the capability of removing virus 0.1 microns, bacteria 0.5 microns and any dust from 3 to 10 microns.

Digital display in the unit is missing however unit comes with color changing running LED which tell us about the pollution level in the room. Unit comes with filter change indicators so that you know when to change filters. Filter life of 8500 hours of use is certainly best in the class, Unit comes with a warranty of 1 year which gets extended by another 2 years if registered online. 5 years warranty on motors is nothing short of icing on the cake. If you opt for Coway AirMega 150 obliviously you will have peace of mind for years to come.

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TrueSens Z-2000 Air Purifier
TruSens Z-2000 Air Purifier | Remote SensorPod | 360 HEPA Filtration with Dupont Filter | UV Light Sterilization Kills Bacteria Germs Odor Allergens in Home...
Z 2000 From TrueSens

TrueSens from ACCO designed in USA and sold worldwide. It is an American multinational which ventured into air purifier in the year 1919. ACCO Brands Corporation , one of the world’s largest designers, marketers and manufacturers of branded business, academic and consumer products.

  • TrueSens Z-2000 is a 4 stages air purifier from ACCO-USA.
  • It’s four stages of purifier includes pre filter, carbon filter, HEPA filter and finally a UV lamp.
  • Pre filter of the device removes macro particles from air such as dust, dirt, pet dander and few more.
  • Carbon granules helps to remove odor, voc, gases, vehicular emission.
  • HEPA filter from Dupont helps in eliminating PM 2.5, PM 10, bacteria, viruses.
  • UV lamp forms a fourth layer of protection from bacteria and virus.
  • TrueSens Z 2000 from ACCO sucks polluted air effectively from 360 degree owing to it’s circular shape.
Expert review on TrueSens Z-2000.

ACCO’s TrueSens Z-2000 contains certain features in the device which no other player is providing in the market. Company has made a innovation with sensor pod which you can place anywhere across the room to sense the pollution level of that area. This sensor pod senses pollution of the area and then it communicates with the gadget for the reading and operation. Area covered by the device is an approximate of 370 square feet which I feel is quite decent. Noise level is 38 decibels for starting fan speed however as we increase the fan speed noise level reaches up to 63 decibels. Noise level of 63 decibels can be bit uncomfortable for the user.

Real time digital display of all vital parameters works to the advantage of a consumer. Filter life indicator certainly warns you when to change your purifier filters. This product carries a warranty of two year from date of purchase which is a value addition for a consumer. Manual and automatic controls has been mounted at top along with LED screen. In nutshell we can say that this product is worth investing.

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Philips High Efficiency Air Purifier AC2887
Philips High Efficiency Air Purifier AC2887, with Vitashield Intelligent Purification, removes 99.97% airborne pollutants with numerical PM2.5 display, ideal for master bedroom
AC-2887 Air Purifier Philips

Philips is not a brand name but a 130 years old legacy started in Eindhoven (Netherland) and spread across globe. It has been a synonym in electrical product and certainly we hold a strong faith towards the brand and it’s product.

  • AC-2887 from Philips purifies air in three steps.
  • Three stages of purification include Pre, Carbon and HEPA filter.
  • Dust, dirt, dander and other macro particles are taken care of/removed by pre filter in the device.
  • Activated carbon adsorbs gases, vehicular emission and odor.
  • HEPA filter H 12 takes care of PM 2,5 and PM 10 or any other micro particle up to 0.003 microns, 99.97 % of any other pollutant.

Expert review on Philips AC-2887 air purifier.

AC-2887 from Philips is their fastest selling product from Philips. Unit uses a H-12 HEPA filter which certainly should have been H-13 or above. Color coded lights to display the pollution level of the surrounding a normal feature every other players in the market do provide. Unit carries a digital display of PM 2.5 through it’s innovative AeraSense technology that but definitely gives you a correct and effective reading. The unit has been designed to remove 99.99% of bacteria and virus and certainly H1N1 form a part of it. It removes 99.97 of other pollutants to keep you safe. Company claims an area coverage of 216 square feet however they take a standard ceiling height of 8 feet and this is quite misleading.

This unit can be connected and operated through mobile app which is certainly a plus point. Since you are opting for Philips you have an assurance of good after sales service. Unit carries a warranty of two years which is value for the money. One of the best feature in the product is it’s noise level therefor you have an assurance that you can have a sound sleep. This unit finds it’s place in category of best air purifier in India for home use.

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Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier TP 03
TP 03 From Dyson Air Purifier

Dyson Limited is a British appliances company which came into existence in the year 1991 has been making quality vacuum cleaners, air purifier, hand dryer. Some other quality products from Dyson include bladeless fan, heater, hair dryer and lights.

  • TP 03 tower air purifier from Dyson wears all together an innovative and fresh look as compared to what others have been giving.
  • TP 03 purifies the air in two stages which includes carbon and Hepa.
  • Carbon filter helps in removing voc, nasty odor, emission from vehicle and other gases.
  • A circular H 13 hepa filter in the unit certainly provides a large surface area for arresting PM 2.5, PM 10, bacteria and virus.
  • Unit comes with a convenience of remote operation and smart app connectivity.
  • Two intelligent sensor in the unit senses the surrounding pollution level and therefor you get better air purification.
  • Voice controlled Alexa and google assistant gives you greater flexibility of operating and controlling this unit.

Expert Review on TP-03 from Dyson air purifier

Smart, intelligent and premium are three words in which we can sum up Dyson TP-03. Bladeless fan runs at a high velocity and double up as an air purifier and fan in summer. In winter this fan can be a problem for a consumer however you have the liberty of changing air direction of air from front to rear. What else unit can oscillate to spread purified air to every corner of your room. Digital display at the top of the unit shows PM 2.5 and humidity too.

Why Dyson TP-03

Vacuum sealed 360 degree glass HEPA is certainly a great innovation from Dyson. Company claims one year of filter life that however is misleading because filter life depends on pollution in surrounding. Dyson however doesn’t talk about CADR and this data is missing from everywhere. This unit is slightly over price but people who loves quality cares less about money. Unit carries a warranty of 2 years from date of purchase. This unit from Dyson is one among 9 Best Air Purifiers In India.

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Philips AC1215/20 Air
1215/20 Philips Air Purifier

Philips has been into manufacturing of quality electrical product and appliances from last 13 decades. All the product which comes out from Philips premises goes for intensive QC testing so as to product we use from the company seldom fails on parameters for which it has been built.

  • Ac 1215/20 air purifier from Philips purifies your room air in four stages.
  • Pre filter, activated carbon filter, and a double layered HEPA filter are four stages of purification in Philips air purifier.
  • Pre filter performs the task of taking out macro pollutants such as dust, dirt, pet dander from the air.
  • Activated carbon granules in carbon filter takes of volatile organic compound, gases, odor, vehicular emission, cigarette smoke.
  • Double layered H-13 hepa filter is capable of blocking micro particles as small as .0003 microns, and but obliviously PM 2.5, PM 10, bacteria and viruses.
  • Product has been tested and certified for it’s quality from ECARF.
  • Philips air purifier carries a number 1 brand tag in India from Euromonitor International Limited.

Service from Philips is too good. Unit carries a standard warranty of 2 years which is certainly a motivating factor while buying this product. With overall features this unit carries a tag of one of the best air purifier in India.

Why Philips AC 1215/20

Value for money is the best phrase which describes Philips 1215/20. This device from Philips carries all the essentials features of a best air purifier in India and yet so reasonably priced. All other competitor brand carries a HEPA filter but this gadget from Philips carries two layers of H-13 HEPA filter. Company claims an area coverage between 226 and 300 square feet but to me this is misleading statement reason being Philips takes ceiling height as 8 feet which we seldom see in India. Noise level on turbo mode is bit too high which company should have taken care of.

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Sharp Air Purifier FP-J80M-H
Sharp Air Purifier for Homes and Offices | Dual Purification - ACTIVE (Plasma Cluster Technology) and PASSIVE FILTERS (True HEPA H14, Carbon, Pre-Filter) | Model : FP-J80M-H
FP-J80M-H Air Purifier From Sharp

Sharp corporation a pioneer in consumer electronics since last 11 decades has been at the forefront of making quality air purifier. Company started it’s journey with snap buckle and latter ventured into consumer electronics and since then company never looked back.

  • Sharp FP-J80M-H comes with the power of dual purification process.
  • Dual purification of the device includes active and passive purification.
  • Highly oxidizing radicals induced through plasma cluster technology neutralizes molds, bacteria, virus and allergen thereby making surrounding air safest and this is active purification.
  • Passive purification include pre filter, activated carbon granules, and H-14 HEPA filter.
  • Pre filter acts as a barrier for macro particle such as dust, dirt and pet dander and eliminates them form air.
  • Volatile organic compound, gases, odor are neutralized by activated carbon granules in carbon filter.
  • H-14 HEPA filter removes any particle or organism of the size .0003 microns and that certainly includes bacteria, virus, PM 2.5 and PM 10.

FP-J80M-H air purifier from sharp carries some of the features which you don’t in any other market competitors. Dual purification is a out of box idea to keep you and your family safe. This device comes with a digital display of PM 2.5 how this unit doesn’t carry smart app integration. Color changing running LED tells us about pollution level of the room. All the controls of the unit is mounted at top. Noise level of 49 decibels can be quite comforting for your ears while sleeping. Company claims of 667 square feet is certainly quite impressive. Unit carries a standard warranty of 1 year from date of purchase. With all this features, look and finish this unit is certainly one among 9 best air purifier for home use.

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Daikin MC40XVM6 Air Purifier
Daikin MC40XVM6 331 Sq. Feet Air Purifier Streamer Technology, deactivate Viruses, Bacteria, Odor & Indoor Pollution
MC40XVM6 Air Purifier From Daikin

Daikin Industries Limited a Japanese multinational with it’s headquarter in Osaka city. Company has a history of serving consumer with innovation. Daikin is a world leader in inverter technology air conditioner. Simultaneously air purifier from Daikin comes with cutting edge technology.

  • Daikin MC40XVM6 air purifier comes with double purification process.
  • Twin purification technology employed by Daikin consist of electrically charged HEPA and a streamer technology.
  • Electrically charged HEPA is certainly better than normal HEPA filter.
  • Streamer process in the unit releases high speed electron.
  • This high speed electron combines with oxygen and nitrogen in the air turn into active species which has strong oxidative and decomposition power.
  • Active species are capable of eliminating novel corona viruses from air, other viruses, molds, bacteria, and hazardous chemical substances.
  • This device comes with cycle technology through which deodorizing filter absorbs and decomposes odor.

Daikin has adopted an innovative technology which but obliviously can raise a consumer’s interest in the product. Electrostatically charged HEPA filter traps pollutant more effectively as compared to normal HEPA and this are less prone to clogging. HEPA filter removes 99.97 % of fine particle as a result less clogging of filters. Patented streamer technology from Daikin successfully removes 99.99 % of corona virus from air and this is certainly a remarkable feature.

Why should I buy Daikin air purifier

With all new technology such as electrostatically charged HEPA and streamer this product deserves to be one among best air purifier in India. Product comes with a standard warranty of 1 year from date of purchase. A minimum noise level of 19 decibels and maximum of 49 decibels is more than welcome. All the controls are mounted on top. Smart app connectivity is missing from device. Daikin air purifier removes pollen, allergen, smoke, and odor trapped inside the room effectively.

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Buying Guide- Best Air Purifier In India For Home Use

Market is full of air purifiers brands and many of that may be carrying appealing features too however every thing that glitters is not gold. So while choosing an air-purifier we need to keep few things in mind and those are as listed below.

Number of filtration stages in an air purifier.

Before buying a best air purifier we need to check the number of filtration stages an air purifier is carrying. More the number of filtration level better it is.

Category of HEPA filter used in your air purifier.

One of the most important component of an air purifier is it’s HEPA filter. H11, H12, H13, H14 are the types of filters which forms an integral component of a purifier. So while choosing your gadget please inquire about this. Higher the level better it is.

Area covered by the gadget which you are planning to buy (CADR)

CADR or clean air deliver rate most commonly used phrase in defining capability of an air purifier. However this term can some time misleading. Few of the manufacturer while defining CADR takes room height as 8 feet which is practically impossible to find in India. So while purchasing just check for square feet coverage of the device.

Smart feature of an Air Purifier.

Smart feature and app connectivity with your mobile gives you an ease of operation to a consumer. Don’t get laid down by smart feature but look for other essential features for which an air purifier is bought.

Cost and duration of replacing filters in an Air Purifier.

HEPA filter, carbon filter, pre filter and UV lamp are all consumable items in an air purifier and they certainly needs to be replaced after a period of time. So while choosing a gadget we need to keep in mind about recurring cost and duration of replacement of this components.

Noise level of your air purifier.

An air purifier which we use mostly during nights should be silent while working. Check the noise level shown in decibels either in manual or on the box.

Warranty & customer service.

Warranty and customer services from the manufacturer cannot be and should not be ignored. Most of the company gives a warranty of 1 years from the date of purchase and few in the market gives a warranty of two years.

Now with all this inputs we can certainly step out to choose from the best air purifiers in India.

Frequently Asked Question About Best Air Purifier In India For Home Use.

Do air purifier work ?

Yes air purifier certainly works to remove all dust, dirt, dander, volatile organic compound, gases, bacteria, virus and PM 2.5 &10 quietly and invisibly. Since in winter all the doors and windows remain closed and there is no fresh air intake so an air purifier finds a greater use in this season. However you need to choose a right product as per your room size.

Are Air purifier effective ?

As per survey 57 % total air intake of comes from indoor air so but obviously indoor air has to be clean. Voc from paint, allergen, dust particle, bacteria, virus pollutes your indoor air most. So in order to keep yourself safe from all this it is better to have an air purifier than to walk in a park where you are prone to pollution.

Where do we place an air purifier?

Device cleans air and circulates it in entire room however you should keep it at least 4 inches away from wall for better air intake. A person spends most of his time in bedroom while at home so bedroom would be the best place but with all doors and windows closed. Clean air helps you to sleep better and more or less it’s good for your lung health.

Do air purifier removes smell from air ?

All the air purifier comes with activated carbon granules filter and basic task of carbon filter is to remove VOC, gases, odor, emission from vehicle. So relax you are safe with air purifier.

How long does it take an air purifier to clean a room ?

Effectiveness of an air purifier depends on many factor and one among them is room size, fan speed, choice of right purifier and pollution level. In general an air purifier can take from 30 minutes to two hours to clean your room air.

What are different types of filters in an air purifier and which one is best for me ?

Different kind of filters in air purifier are pre filter, carbon filter and HEPA filter or electrostatically charged HEPA. HEPA filter H 11, H 12, H13, H 14 are available in the market if your air purifier carries H-13 or H-14 then it is best for you. You don’t find much variation in pre filter or carbon filter.

How to choose a right sized device for myself ?

You need to be bit cautious while choosing an air purifier. In maximum cases we have seen company tells you about CADR (clean air delivery rate ) so instead of going for CADR you should look for area covered in square feet. Calculate your room size and choose an air purifier accordingly.

What else do I need to look in an air purifier before buying ?

You should look for ACH (air change per hour). This certainly refers to number of times filter cleans air in the room. In metro like Delhi, Mumbai you should but definitely go for a purifier which has ACH value of four. ACH-4 indicates that air in the room is changed every 15 minutes.

Do air purifier work against Corona virus ?

We don’t get to see this claim from any other company other than Daikin Air Purifier.

Do air purifier removes humidity in a room ?

Air purifier has got no effect or negligible effect on room humidity.

Conclusion-Best Air Purifier In India For Home Use

Air quality across the country is getting worse with every passing day. We witness a little or no effort from the people who are suppose to take care for this. People have started ignoring court orders too & we still see farmers burning stubbles in their field. Factories emitting poisonous gases without a fear of being caught and tried. We see new vehicles coming out on the road every day & what to say about older vehicle. There are n number of reasons for countries air getting polluted with every passing day.

So getting an air purifier would be the best self help for you and your loved ones. We have reviewed this health gadget with utmost care and have picked few which carries a unblemished record of human safety. Certainly we have put a expert review with every product to make your work easy. Our motto CUSTOMER FIRST & CUSTOMER MUST so go ahead pick a unit from above enjoy the freshness of pure air from best air purifier in India.


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